Doctoral Programme
Doctor of Medicine M.D.

(50,000 Baht per semester)
(600,000 Baht per programme)

The Doctor of Medicine Programme at Mae Fah Luang University is currently only open to students with Thai nationality. The fees represented here are only relevant for Thai students.

The doctor of medicine curriculum is a reflection of the responsibility to produce efficient, caring and ethical medical graduates with lifelong curiosity, self-directed learning and appropriate attitude towards medical science and medicine, as well as health promotion, disease prevention and rehabilitation.

Students will be expected to develop their analytical skills systematically, make practical use of the acquired knowledge, communicate proficiently, possess leadership quality and base their practice on morality and ethics while at the same time placing a priority on public interest, contributing significantly to the society and be able to maintain themselves in the community.


 After completing the programme, graduates will be able to:

 Have good morals, ethics and attitudes towards the medical profession.

 Possess confidence, faith and pride in the medical profession.

 Be interested in self-study, research and critical thinking to solve problems in a systematic way. Having potential to conduct research to solve problems and develop new knowledge including a clinical research with community-based focus.

 Have good attitude towards continuing education.

 Have good interpersonal skills as well as skills in the interpretation and personal communication. Being able to work as a team, capable in report writing, presentation and knowledge transfer.

 Be knowledgeable and have potential in various aspects (multi-potential), conduct medical profession efficiently with continuous professional development, have distinct leadership skills, have competency in community and family medicine, provide an education in health care, health promotion, disease prevention and public health to the community and society as a whole as well, and accommodate changes that occur over time

 Be knowledgeable and capable to understand and skilfully solve problems holistically by taking into account the causative factors including physical and psychological aspects, social, family and environment.

 Assess situations and their potentials.

 Practice both in urban and rural communities, being reliable for families and communities with ability to correctly and appropriately manage the situation.

 Selectively apply technology in health education and health care, health promotion, disease prevention and rehabilitation, and patient transfer, including in family planning as deemed necessary and in accordance with economic status of the patient and society.



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